Reiki Classes Testimonials  

I could not have asked for a more experienced, passionate, and supportive teacher to take the Karuna Reiki Master Teacher course from. Ewelina is a humble rockstar who allows her students space to explore reiki energy so we all can learn from it on not just a personal level, but we can deepen our collective understanding of it. Karuna really helped me to find peace and go much deeper with my relationship with reiki and myself. The past month has been a beautiful experience I will never forget! - Leeya K. (Usui/ Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Class)

I have felt drawn to Ewelina since I first saw her "by chance" through a post she had made about reiki in a mutual group. I felt that we had shared lives together and knew we would be in contact. When I was finally ready to enter the world of reiki, she was my gut choice. In the span of a 3 day Holy Fire Reiki I & II class, we had connected and grown together so much. Together we shared healing, reiki visions and experiences, realization of our mutual Lemurian high priestess roots, real emotion and humanity, and definitely my tears.
I love everything that is Ewelina, I love seeing her ever increasing light shining upon all whose lives she touches, illuminating each of our magnificent golden crystal fire hearts. I feel so absolutely honored and blessed to have received the gift of reiki through her and especially to be a part of her reiki lineage stream. I am looking forward to the day I am ready to become a master reiki practitioner through Ewelina’s loving guidance.
- Sabrina R. (Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki 1&2 Class)

I just completed a Holy Fire Reiki training with Ewelina and as I am writing this I am still integrating a very powerful and life changing process. It has thought me so much about my self, my life & creation and upgrated me to a whole new state of being. I feel the holy fire frequency now deeply anchored within me and ready to use it as a tool to heal my self and others. Thank you so much Ewelina!
No matter if you are already a healer and want to bring your service to the world to the next level, deepen into your own self healing or expand your awareness with a powerful tool I can so highly recommend everyone to learn Holy Fire reiki together with ewelinas loving guidance & support. She is truly an amazing teacher who creates this trainings with so much integrity, respect and an immense amount of unconditional love.
- Alissa Z. (Usui/ Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Class)

Ewelina's teaching space is so loving. I had my Usui Holy Reiki Master teachings, but the Spirit has guided me to Karuna. It is a divine union to meet her and to be attuned for the Holy Fire Karuna Masters. What an incredible learning experience. The entire time I could feel the strong connection to the Reiki in the space and the attunements were so electric for me. I am forever grateful for this beautiful earth angel's heart. It gives me great hope to witness such a beautiful Soul to be on this Earth.  New or current practitioner to Reiki, you are in great hands. Highly recommend. With wild cosmic love.
- Akimi Y. (Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Class)

I am new to Reiki. But after this weekend of loving,  learning and sharing  I am on Fire with Holy Fire Reiki.  Ewelina has a teaching style that is so connecting and beautiful that before i lnew it the course was completed and i am soooo excited to share, practice and demonstrate the powere of love snd light through "Holy Fire Reiki"  I highly recommend the teachings of Cosmic Rainbow Heart.
- Kim Z. 
(Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki 1&2 Class)

Ewelina Bocheńska thank you so much for this divine and life changing class. I had and am still having an amazing amount of released blockages and negative energy washing away. Its truly increadible! You are an angelic person and a phenomenal Reiki teacher I hope we cross paths again.
- Kelly S. (Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki 1&2 Class)

Ewelina is an amazing Reiki practitioner as well as an  instructor. Patient,loving and amazing energy.
I was so impressed with my session I had to take her class. Ewelina was able to come to my home to teach me Reiki 1 & 2 for which I was immensely grateful.
Much Love and Gratitude.
- Louisa N. (Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki 1&2 Class)

Reiki Sessions Testimonials

Ewelina is a very gifted healer and teacher. I am so lucky to have met her, and to have had the privilege of taking her Cosmic Rainbow Reiki class. I felt my mind and body strengthened through the positive, healing energy she taught us to access and channel. I had many blocks to my own inner light and energy and the cosmic messages I received in her class helped to wash them away. To heal and to be healed is a wonderful thing. Thank you Ewelina!
- Donna Jean A.

I had an excellent experience. I could feel positive physical changes within the first 5 minutes. As the calming changes continued I could feel the blocks to my own healing energies being removed and the healing effect continued. I highly recommend Cosmic Rainbow Heart. Thank you. - Dave. F

Ewelina was an instant Inspiration to us. My son who is 4 years old and is diagnosed with Autism was feeling overwhelmed at a spiritual retreat we were attending and I asked Ewelina to do Reiki on him to see if it would help, and it absolutely did. The next morning he saw her again and independently asked her if he could lay under the covers on her table again. She put him up their and did her thing. He was so happy. And so calm after. Later that day he saw her doing reiki on another woman and he went up to her and asked if she would teach him how to do that.
I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to explore this passion with her. Because of her kindness and abilities she has given my four year old something to be passionate about. She has truly been an inspiration for us, not only was he able to relax but his verbal skills improved over the weekend. We will continue to participate and I'm excited to see what she does next. - Bianca C.

Ewelina is an ANGEL!! I've just had 2 sessions with her and I feel AMAZING! Her work... and her energy are beautiful! She helped me release big amounts of obsolete energy. I feel like there has been an update. I received many light codes and feel my energy harmonized. I feel peace, also connected with my self and with an open heart. Thank you so much! - HaYuama E.

Ewelina with Cosmic Rainbow Heart has a gift for us all and for those who live in Gardnerville and the Sierra Mountains! I experienced a session with Ewelina over the weekend and highly encourage you all to reach out and book a session with her! So much love and gratitude.
Janell L. Owner @ Youphoria Yoga Studio

I unequivocally recommend Ewelina with the highest of regards: her touch and intuitive insight is remarkable. In addition to common physical injuries, I suffer from severe PTSD & Anxiety, and consider Ewelina’s work to be as beneficial to me as talk therapy & psychopharmacology. I’m grateful to her and whenever she is NYC I make sure to book sessions. In a city with “the best of the best” Ewelina is no doubt the highest star. She will help you. From a recovery perspective, the speed & amount of progress with what she does versus traditional medications and cognitive behavioral therapy is incredible - and LASTING. She’s a true healer and since seeing her my physical symptoms have decreased and my functioning has improved to the point my physicians are impressed. So Infinity Gold Stars to Ms. Bochenska! - Erin Sara H.

If you are interested in receiving reiki, I can highly recommend Ewelina Bocheńska. Though one can never guarantee an experience for someone else, I can attest to the fact that Ewelina brings real love, care and healing energy to the work she does. The last time I had a session with her, we did three consecutive days in a row. I felt a profound shift inside me after the second session, which set me on a positive path of my own healing. 5 months later and I am still seeing the benefits of those sessions, as they put me in touch with my own good energy.
I’d also like to add how passionate Ewelina is about healing. When I mentioned my grandmother was in hospice, the first thing she said, very earnestly, was “Oh I really wish I could meet with her.” I could see her generosity and raw passion for healing in that moment. - Rosie L.

Akashic Records Testimonials

Ewelina Is one of the best instructors I’ve experienced in 28 years on the path! She combines a very loving and open approach with firm boundaries, and her natural gifts as a teacher create a very powerful learning environment, as she articulates complex concepts very clearly. The Akashic Records Practitioner class was amazing. I got so much out of this class personally, as I was able to read for myself in a deeper way then ever before! Participating in this class and learning how to read the records, along with the insights from my talented fellow student and our practice readings with one another, has helped me understand so much more about my own psychic gifts, and gain so much more confidence in them!

Since completing the class, and with Ewelina’s encouragement, I have been able to read for others in a way that feels very expansive and supportive, and have received a lot of positive feedback about the insights conveyed!

I highly recommend any of Ewelina’s classes or readings. She has a deep, innate wisdom, and a compassionate understanding of the challenges of a deep spiritual journey, and the profound moment in which we are currently living on the earth! You will feel very supported, and very expanded by Ewelina’s offerings, and very blessed to receive her wisdom and insights! Of course, she draws wonderful people into her classes, so another plus is the sacred circle that is created with intention for the blessing of all life! Magnificent!
- Leslie O. (Akashic Records Practitioner Training Class)

I felt that Ewelina’s Akashic Records class was superb! Not only did I learn so much about accessing the Records, I also learned so much about myself and everything around me. Never in a million years would I think that I could access such vital and amazing information from the Universal consciousness. This class was truly transformative. Thank you Ewelina for helping me find pieces of myself that I didn’t even know existed within me. Thank you so much. - Valerie A. (Akashic Records Practitioner Training Class)

I strongly recommend Cosmic Rainbow Heart for Akashic Records Readings. My reading with Ewelina was such a high vibrational, fascinating, enlightening and inspiring experience.Ewelina was able to channel a very powerful and deeply resonant message to me that was timely and self affirming. I also left the session with a deeper understanding pertaining to my connection and relationship with my guides. Somehow my time with Ewelina spent in this reading felt like stepping outside of time as the journey and answers continuously and effortlessly unfolded. Thank you Ewelina for your gift! - Christopher C.
(Akashic Records Reading)

I want to share a great deal of gratitude that I feel towards Ewelina making out of herself a vessel from which I could have received messages essential for my growth. Touching upon my divine calling with the help of Akashic Records channeled by her and having the symbols and synchronicities pointed out, now I know better how to navigate throughout the distractions of the reality that is there, so I could fulfill my very life mission. Ewelina is a graceful, etheric yet powerful psychic Goddess bringing the True Light of ancient wisdom, so that you may embrace the Wonder of who you actually are. - Marta M. (Akashic Records Reading)

I am so happy that you are offering reading again, for you and for those who will benefit from your gift!! I received an Akashic Reading from Ewelina a few months ago and it shifted everything in my world, she gave me information in that moment that helped me in a way I didn’t know was possible, her powerful words helped me become more of who I really am and I still reconnect to our session when I sense that I need to feel that message again. It was deep and beautiful. Ewelina truly sees people and knows how to delicately bring them back to their truth. Infinitely grateful for you, love. - Rafaelle C. (Akashic Records Reading)

My reading with Ewelina was so beautiful and healing. The information that came through was full of images that were very resonant and personal for me. This was my first Akashic Records reading and I felt held in a beautiful way. The reading gave me confirmations for things I didn’t even know I was considering and it opened me to a sense of immense potential for myself, encouragement, and power. - Daniella C. (Akashic Records Reading)

I am very grateful for this experience, for the first time I had the opportunity to receive information from my Akashic Records, messages that are easy to understand and full of love and wisdom, thank you Ewelina for being a channel and allowing us to connect with our inner wisdom, to be able to see ourselves as part of this beautiful planet and transit of souls that we come to learn and share experiences, and to give light to the darkness and understanding and acceptance to everyone that surrounds me. Thanks sister!! lots of love!
- Jessica P. (Akashic Records Reading)

Akashic Records reading from Ewelina is insightful, fascinating and magical!! The energy in the moment with her was very, very high, so much so that when she opened the Akasha, the connection was breaking out and I heard her voice without any breaths/aspirations - it was a fascinating and reverence filled space with Ewelina. I discovered more and more of my guides and confirmation of my mission in life here. I appreciate the space and time shared with Ewelina as she is of full integrity, love, and highly intuitive! What she saw and felt was so beautiful and I feel validated, seen and loved! Thank you thank you thank you! I am so grateful to be connected with you and having opportunity to receive reading from you, thank you thank you thank you! 
Much love~ - Jennifer W. (Akashic Records Reading)

Thank you Ewelina for the Akashic Records Reading, your sensitivity and professionalism is outstanding. Your integrity and giving heart is the same. I am continually impressed with your ability to access higher vibrations and information. The messages you conveyed were extremely relevant for me. Thank you again dear soul, blessings to you♡☆♡☆ - Marianne S. (Akashic Records Reading)

I had an Akashic reading with Ewelina, it was wonderful to see her making a clear transmision about my questions, she has the ability to see far and reach very loving and uplifting information!! I went out with a much clearer understanding about my relations with certain beings and my self! 
Thank you sister!! - Nahla N. (Akashic Records Reading)

The session with Ewelina has been really beautiful and intense to me. She gave me insights that helped me so much to understand and accept myself and made me able to see and admire the greatness of my own being. I am beyond grateful to have met this woman and can recommend her work a 100%. Thank you.
- Nina N. (Akashic Records Reading)