”What is Love Consciousness? It is All Encompassing Love, for all there ever was and for all there ever will be, for all there IS... where no darkness can hide... because it knows that it is Love... Pure Source. Your Heartbeat is United with Every other Heartbeat, my heartbeat is united with yours, with everyone else's, with the Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom, with the Earth's Heartbeat, other Planets, this Galaxy, it is the Heartbeat of Entire Cosmos, beating as One. Your Heartbeat is the Heartbeat of Everything there IS.” 
channeled on May 2019

Blessings Dear One!

My name is Ewelina aka Cosmic Rainbow Heart.

I am an Akashic Records Channel and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master and Teacher. I have been living a nomadic, galactic gypsy kind of lifestyle for the past few years, practicing Reiki and connecting to the Divine guidance of Akasha wherever I go.

We are Now in a process of birthing a New World. Even though it may feel at times like a very painful journey, know that you are never alone, and there is much Guidance and Healing available for You and Inside of You. And I am here to assist You in remembering Your Powerful Light Within!