Akashic Records Transmission

January 3, 2022
9am LA, 12pm NYC, 5pm London

The Akashic Records are the Cosmic Library, the Zero Point of Creation. All that is, all that was and ever will be is stored as an energetic imprint in the Akashic Field. The perspective of the Akashic Records is always One of Infinite Love & Wisdom.

In this Transmission I connect to the Akashic Records of our Group and channel the messages. You will be able to ask any question and receive the highest guidance of the Akasha.

Akashic Records offer us:
Immense Clarity
- Higher Perspective on our Life

- Energetic Transmission
- Deep Healing through greater Understanding
- Clearing Karmic patterns & Trauma
- Illuminating limiting & disempowering beliefs and behavioral patterns
- Aligning with your Life Mission and Soul Purpose
- Connecting with your Guides
- Self realization & Empowerment
- Insight and guidance on how to manifest what we truly desire
- Bring us into a state of Unconditional Love

To register contact ewelinabochenska@gmail.com